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Furthermore, we judged providers on their customization and automation tools, along with audit support and volume capabilities. Most contract management software offers month-to-month or annual subscriptions, with discounts given for yearly payments, high contract volume, or a large number of users. The free and low-cost plans work very well for small businesses with standard contracts, as you can upload your own agreement or use a common template, then send it for an e-signature. SAP Sourcing CLM is a popular contract lifecycle management system that aims to standardize your process from sourcing to contract enforcement.

Common Functionality Of Contract Management Software

It lets you group contracts and subcontracts together for easier data retrieval. Read more about contract management software reviews here. You also have the option to associate particular contracts with vendors so that you know which agreements belong to who. The software can be extended using numerous integrations, portals, and modules, depending on the functionalities needed. You can monitor each stage of a contract, automate approvals, and track all activities related to a contract.

Why Is Contract Management Software Important For Your Business?

As you can see in the table provided, inefficient approval processes are considered a problem in terms of productivity by 66% of businesses as it can cause deals to stall. Finally, the system comes with an asset management feature, which allows you to safely store and access any pertinent information—no matter how old. PandaDoc can be used on multiple devices including web-based devices, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows. Users pay an annual subscription of $15 per month for the Professional plan or $49 per month for the Business plan.

Best Contract Management Software In 2021

With the unlimited volume and key integrations, Concord is your best choice for large businesses. PandaDoc is an affordable, all-in-one solution with a robust contract and document management platform. These businesses typically operate as establishments with up to 100 employees and focus on specific operational areas.

  • Large enterprises are usually bound by complex contracts involving several internal departments or external vendors.
  • Over 150,000 users in 50 countries from top tier law firms and companies use Legito to manage documents, including LexisNexis, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Skoda Auto, and Societe Generale Group.
  • The heavy burden of contract management—and the risk that purely human management poses—has led many entities to implement contract management systems.
  • Drag and drop files to store all of your agreements in one searchable, scalable, secure contract repository.
  • When sourcing for CLM software the key things you need to look out for are the top built-in features, its ease-of-use, alongside the overall number of integrations supported.
  • The software lets you automate the contract creation process with no coding required, and even comes with built-in editing, redlining, and auditing capabilities.

What many businesses might not know is that Freshservice comes with a built-in contract management module that allows users to keep track of contracts together with the assets covered for each one. The feature sends out auto alerts that will remind you when a contract is about to end or up for renewal.

By Aspire Systems

Funded by investors including byFounders and Gradient Ventures, Contractbook was founded in Copenhagen in 2017 and serves over 100,000 users in more than 75 countries with data-driven document automation. Our goals are the same as yours; to make contract management smart and simple. Precisely lets you optimize your contract management lifecycle, all the way from initial request to the renewal of contracts.

Smart Contracts On The Horizon

In general, these systems often come with more manageable costs for smaller groups that have fewer users. This secure solution gives companies an audit trail for documents while keeping data safe in its secure cloud storage facilities. If you need a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act -compliant program, PandaDoc offers custom solutions. Windward Hub is the document solution that empowers you to easily auto-generate, build, manage, and share contracts across departments, and with prospects and customers.

Powerful Proposal Processes That Close

With Symfact solutions, customers can effectively manage the documentation, deadlines, budgets, commitments, workflow, secure access and analysis tools related to contract management and compliance. PandaDoc streamlines contract management from the sale all the way through contract execution and renewal. Built-in collaboration, version control, document history, and electronic signature make it easier than ever to draft, negotiate, and sign contracts. Contractbook is a software company that enables small and medium-sized businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of their contracts in a single, fully automated flow.

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